Starter level

Название Автор Краткое описание Аудио
1 The lost ship Stephen Colbourn The captain and his men are looking at the strange ship.
‘Hallo. Is there anybody there? Can you hear me?’
But there is no answer.
2 The umbrella Clare Harris It is raining. The sky is grey.
Carla goes to the market. She looks at the umbrellas. She likes a red umbrella. It’s very smart. It costs ten dollars.
Carla is a student. She doesn’t have much money. A woman is selling the umbrellas. Carla looks at the woman.
“I can give you seven dollars for that umbrella”, she says.
“Okay, young lady”, says the woman. “This is your lucky day. Give me seven dollars. The umbrella is yours”
3 Mowgli Rudyard Kipling Mowgli lives in the jungle with a family of wolves. When a man-eating tiger comes after him, it is time for the boy to go back to the man village. But what adventures he has on his way! Cassette
4 The king of the Jungle Dorothy Priest King Mane is unhappy because he hasn’t got a son to be a king when he dies. The wicked bandit Red-Eye Whiskers arrives and wants to marry Isabel, the king’s daughter. The king is too old to fight… but a young lion comes to help him. Cassette
5 The magic scooter Barbara Chatwin It’s Mark Andrew’s birthday! His mummy and daddy give him a scooter. Mark goes into the wood and scratches his new scooter. Dixie, a pixie, paints the scooter and it becomes magic! The scooter can talk and fly and do lots of things. Mark and the scooter meet some very interesting people on their adventure. Cassette
6 Black Beauty Anna Sewell Black Beauty is a horse with a difference. She’s very intelligent and always helps her friends if she can. She works hard and has some exciting adventures but she has some problems too! Cassette
7 The Well Clare Harris No book mp3
8 Ski Race John Milne No book mp3
9 Sara Says No! Norman Whitney No book mp3
10 The magic barber John Milne No book mp3
11 Lucky number John Milne No book mp3

Beginner level

# Название Автор Краткое описание Аудио
1 The last of the Mohicans James Fenimore  Cooper 1757 – the Hudson River, North America.
The armies of France and England are fighting. And Indian tribes are fighting for each army.
Hurons are with the French. Mohawks and Mohicans are with the English.
The daughters of the English genera. Munro, start a journey through the forest. But soon they are in danger.
This is the story of the scout, Hawk-eye, and his two Indian friends – the last of Mohicans.
2 New Yorkers. Short stories. 1. The Christmas Presents 2. Soapy’s Choice 3. A Walk in Amnesia 4. Tildy’s moment 5. The Memento O. Henry A housewife, a tramp, a lawyer, a waitress, an actress — ordinary people living ordinary lives in New York at the beginning of this century. The city has changed greatly since that time, but its people are much the same. Some are rich, some are poor, some are happy, some are sad, some have found love, some are looking for love.
O. Henry’s famous short stories — sensitive, funny, sympathetic — give us vivid pictures of the everyday lives of these New Yorkers.
3 Rain Man Barry Morrow Charlie Babbitt thinks he will get a lot of money when his father dies. The money goes to someone he does not know. He is a man who lives in a special hospital, and is the brother Charlie never knew. The two men meet and this is the start of a surprising new life for both of them. mp3
4 Sherlock Holmes Short Stories 1. The spackled band
2. A scandal in Bohemia
3. The five orange pips
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective of them all. He sits in his room, and smokes his pipe. He listens, and watches, and thinks. He listens to the steps coming up the stairs; he watches the door opening- and he knows what question the stranger will ask.
In these three of his best stories, Holmes has three visitors to the famous flat in Baker Street — visitors who bring their troubles to the only man in the world who can help them.
5 A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens 1775. Two cities – London and Paris.
The prisoner from 105 North Tower of the Bastille prison is free.
But why was he in prison for eighteen years?
He leaves France and travels to England. Will he an dhis family be safe from their enemies?
6 Northanger Abbey Jane Austen England – 1802.
Catherine Morland visits the city of Bath with Mr and Mrs Allen.
She meets the Tilneys and falls in love with Henry Tilney. The Tilneys invite Catherine to their home, Northanger Abbey.
7 The Mill on the Floss George Eliot England – 1828 to 1840.
Maggie Tulliver is beautiful and intelligent. But she is lonely and unhappy.
Philip Wakem loves her. But she cannot meet him. The Tullivers and the Wakems are enemies.
Then Maggie meets Stephen Guest. They fall in love. But Stephen is going to be married to Maggie’s cousin.
8 The man in the iron mask Alexander Dumas 1661 – France.
Louis XIV is the King of France. He is young, clever and powerful. His Chief Minister of France, Nicolas Fouquet, has built a beautiful house near Vaux. Fouquet has invited the king and six thousands guests to the house for a great feast.
Aramis, The Bishop of Vannes, will be a guest at the feast. The Bishop’s old friends, Porthos and D’Artagnan, are also going to Vaux. The Musketeers will be together again. But first, Aramis visits the terrible Bastille prison. Why?
This is the story of the last adventure of the Musketeers.  
9 Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte The nineteenth century. The north of England.
Jane Eyre has no parents and no money. She goes to live at Lowood School. The pupils at Lowood are cold and hungry. Many pupils become sick and die.
After eight years, Jane goes to work for Mr Rochester. She is a teacher in his house, Thornfield Hall, Jane likes Mr Rochester. But she is frightened at Thornfield Hall. Jane hears someone laughing. At night, someone walks along the dark corridors of the house.  
10 Fairy tales and fables     Cassette
11 The Adventure of Pinocchio Karlo Kollodi You know funny adventures of a cheerful little boy, made of wood, don’t you?
He is so much like Buratino from the famous book by A. Tolstoy.
12 Hampton House Jenny Dooley It was fun for Kathy to work with William and the others at the Helping Hand Club … until she met the strange lady m Room 16 at the Old People’s Home …
The lady’s story about Hampton House and its master changed her life completely!…
Now, everybody suspects her of being a liar and, worst of all, William won’t speak to her again …
Will anybody believe her?
13 Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe   mp3

Elementary level

# Название Автор Краткое описание Аудио
1 The Black Cat John Milne Yesterday morning, an archeologist was found dead in a Cairo hotel. The archeologist was called Pearson. The police are making enquiries. mp3
2 Tales of Horror

Bram Stocker Three strange and frightening short stories by the author of Dracula. 1 .The Judge’s house

  1. The Iron Maiden
  2. The Return of Abel Behena
3 Room 13 and other Ghost stories M.R. James Five short stories about ghosts, evil spirits an creatures of the night. Beware! Don’t turn your light out immediately after you’ve finished reading. Something may be waiting for you in the dark

  1. Room 13
  2. The whistle
  3. The message of death
  4. The Maze
  5. The lost Crowns of Anglia
4 The beginning of everything else Kevin Williamson Joey, Dawson, Pacey and Jen – four teenagers living in the small town of Capeside. The friends attend the same high school. And they have the same problems – life, love, school work and parents.
Can Joey and Dawson stay “best friends” forever? Joey loves Dawson, but does he love Joey?
Then Dawson meets Jen, but she has a secret past.
And Pacey is in trouble again – with everyone.
5 The legends of Sleepy Hollow Washington Irving “The horseman’s head still lies somewhere on the battlefield”, the people of Sleepy Hollow said. “Every night, he rides back to the battlefield to look for it”.
One dark night, Ichabod Crane – the village schoolmaster – saw the Headless Horseman. Or did he?
6 Pip Van Winkle Washington Irving Rip Van Winkle did not like working on his farm and his wife was always angry with him. He wanted to forget his troubles for a day. So he took his dog and his gun and he walked up into the Catskill Mountains. mp3
7 L.A. Winners Philip Prowse The woman looked around my office. She looked at the old furniture and the dirty windows. She looked at the broken blind and the plastic coffee cups in the waste bin. Then she looked at me. I wasn’t looking good. I hadn’t shaved. And my suit and hair were untidy. The woman didn’t speak.
Suddenly, she took a handkerchief out of her bag. She wiped the dust from the chair and she sat down.
“Mr Samuel”, she said. “I saw your name and address in the telephone book. Are you cheap? And are you a good detective?”
“I am not a good”, I replied. ”I am the best. The best private detective in Los Angeles”.  

Pre-intermediate level

# Название Автор Краткое описание Аудио
1 The Picture of Dorian Grey Oscar Wild Can a painting of a person tell you more about him than the person’s own face? If it is painted with love, perhaps the painting will show more than just the outside of that person — perhaps it will show the inside.
We often say that a face is like an open book: ‘the face tells its own story,’ we say. When Dorian Gray sees the painting of his own face, he falls in love with his own beauty. Nothing must touch his beauty, nothing must hurt or change it — not love, not even time. And so he cuts the link between his face and his heart, between his outside and his inside. His face does not change; it stays young and beautiful. But the picture — painted with love — tells the true story. It shows the real Dorian Gray, who is growing old and ugly and full of hate.
2 Frankenstein Mary Shelley There arc, perhaps, more films of this sad and frightening story than of any other story in the world. Why do so many people like it? Because when we read it for the first time, we seem to remember it from our dreams.
It is an old story, and a new story. ‘Old’ because it was written more than 150 years ago, at the beginning of scientific development; ‘new* because Frankenstein’s problem is the same problem that we still face today. Science gives us the power to change the world, but this power may turn against us and kill us. Frankenstein creates a new man, bigger and stronger than any other man — but he can’t control him, and the monster destroys everything Frankenstein loves. Today scientists are creating huge machines, computers and weapons. They say these things will help us — but can we control them?
Mary Shelley (1797-1851) was an important writer of the Victorian period. She was married to one of England’s most famous poets, Percy Bysshe Shelley.
4 THE BERYL CORONET Arthur Conan Doyle
O. Henry

William Somerset Maugham

4 Short stories and fables     Cassette

Intermediate level

# Название Автор Краткое описание Аудио
1 Therese Raquin Emile Zola Laurent spoke slowly. “If your husband was dead, we could be happy together”.
“If … if he was dead”, there repeated. She looked down at her lover. Her eyes looked very dark in her pale face.
“Sometimes, people die suddenly”, she said.
2 My Cousin Rachel Daphne du Maurier I was in the carriage ready to leave when a last letter arrived from Ambrose:
“For God’s sake, come quickly! Rachel, my torment, has won! I am dying. Come quickly, or it will be too late”
I began my journey with a terrible fear in my heart. It was the 10-th of July. I knew I could not reach Ambrose until the middle of August.
3 The Space Invaders Geoffrey Matthews Date: 3984. Place: the planet Zeron.
“Who are you?” Varon asked. “What do you want?”
“I want to help you, Stefan Varon “, said the voice.
“You know my name!” said Varon in surprise. No one on Zeron knew him.
“Yes, I know your name. And I know what you do. I know where you come from. And why you are here. I know everything. I am Omega”
4 Goldfinger Ian Fleming Goldfinger sat up and took off his glasses.
“I’d like to meet Mr Bond – James Bond” said Du Pont.
When James Bond 007 is introduced to the rich and mysterious Auric Goldfinger, he quickly learns that Goldfinger is a clever cheat at card games. But card games are not the only way that Goldfinger makes money. Soon, Bond finds himself part of an evil plan, a plan which could lead to the death of many people…
5 Tess of the d’Urbervilles Thomas Hardy “Your father has just heard some good news” Tess’s mother said. “ The Durbeyfield are members of the poldest and most noble family in the whole country. Our real mname is d’Urberville!”
When Tess Duberfield is asked by her father to find their wealthy relations, she soon found herself chased by the rich and wicked Alec d’Urberville. The events that follow bring Tess terrible guilt and shame.
Tess finally escapes to find new love and happiness. But her shameful past is never far behind.
6 A kiss before dying Ira Levin It was nearly dark in the small room near the Stoddard University campus. The two people in the room that Sunday evening were both second-year students at the college. They were looking at each other in silence.
The handsome young man was angry.  His plans had been working so well. And now this news had come! But he wasn’t going to show his anger. He turned, and he smiled at the ypung woman sitting on the bed.
7 Sense and sensibility Jane Austen “Dear, dear Norland, how sad I am to leave you!”
Marianne said on their last evening in Norland Park.
“ I love every room in this wonderful house! Every tree in the park is beautiful. Shall I ever be happy again?”
After the sudden death of her husband, Mrs DAshwood and her daughters, Elinor, Marianne and Margaret, must leave their family home, the beautiful Norland Park. They must move to a small cottage in Devon.
Their Marianne falls in love with the handsome John Willoughby and Elinor misses Edward Ferras, the man she had to leave behind.”
8 The Sleuth
The Green Door
The Adventure of my aunt
The adventure of Shoscombe Old Place
The Test
The tremendous Adventure of Major Brown
Rule of three
The Blast of the Book
Washington Irving

A.Conan Doyle




Upper-intermediate level

Название Автор Краткое описание Аудио
1 Great Expectations Charles Dickens The marshes beyond the churchyard were grey.
The river beyond the marshes was a darker line of grey. A bitter wind was blowing across the marshes from the sea. The graveyard was a dark and fighting place.
I shivered. Cold and afraid, I began to cry.
“Quiet, you little devil”, cried a terrible voice. “Keep still – or I’ll cut your throat!”
“Oh, don’t cut my throat, sir”, I cried. “Please don’t!”
“Tell me your name”, the man growled. “Tell me quick!”
“Pip, sir. Pip!” I answered.
2 Officially dead Richard Prescott Linda leant back in her chair and said calmly, “Colin, do you want to earn £ 10 000 for one evening’s easy work?’
He laughed. “ I don’t buy lottery tickets”, he said.
“I am serious, Colin”, Linda said. “And I’m not talking about buying lottery tickets. I’m talking about £ 10 000 in cash. It’s yours, if you want”
“What’s going on?” he said nervously. “What do you want from me?”
“My husband is going to need an alibi”? she said. “ You can provide one for him. It’s as simple as that”.
3 L.A. Movie Philip Prowse Private detective, Lenny Samuel, is hired by a Hollywood film studio. Someone has been making death threats against Gail Lane, a beautiful young film actress, and the studio boss asks Lenny to Protect her.
Lenny Joins the film crew on location in Hollywood, Buenos Aries and Istanbul as he tries to stay out of trouble and solve the case.


Название Автор Краткое описание Аудио
1 Three men in a boat Jerome K. Jerome ‘Change of scene, and absence of the necessity for thought, will restore the mental equilibrium’
It would be unfair to say that any of the three men were
hypochondriacs: it was simply that they suffered from a constant
malaise, consisting of every symptom but housemaid’s knee. The
only cure for it was a revitalizing river trip in an open boat.
Bearing frying pans, elusive toothbrushes, pies, lemonade and
whisky, for medicinal purposes only, the three men and
Montmorency the dog (whose ambition in life is to get in the
way) embark on their hilarious adventures on the Thames. After
considerable enjoyment and irritation — getting lost in the maze,
arguing with some quarrelsome swans, falling in the river — the
three men decide that being out of a boat seems a more
inviting alternative.
Despite being over a century old, its sparkling insights into
human — and canine — nature ensure that Three Men in a Boat is as
fresh and invigorating today as when it was first published.
2 The Picture of Dorian Grey Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde (1856- 1900) was born in Dublin in the family of a famous Irish surgeon and a poet­ess. He received a very good education at Trinity College in Dublin and Oxford University. In 1881 0. Wilde visited America where he lectured on art.
In 1881 O. Wilde published his «Poems.» The fairy tales «The Happy Prince and Other Tales» ap­peared in 1888. They were followed by another vol­ume of tales (1891), his only novel «The Picture of Dorian Gray» (1891) and several essays in criticism.
O. Wilde won his fame as a dramatist. The most significant of his comedies are: «Lady Win-dermere’s Fan» (1892); «A Woman of No Impor­tance» (1893); «An Ideal Husband» (1895); «The Importance of Being Earnest» (1895); «Salome» (1893).
In 1895 he was sentenced to two years impris­onment for violating the moral laws. After his re­lease from prison he went to France. He died in Paris under the name of Sebastian Melmont.
3 Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre is one of the great romantic heroines of world literature.
Orphaned into cold charity at the hands of her rich cousins and, later, at Lowood School, Jane escapes to take up a position as governess to the young ward of Mr Rochester. Their love affair, Jane’s discovery of
Rochester’s secret — hideously concealed in the attic of Thornficld Hall — and her desperate flight are told in a drama of passionate intensity whose pace never slackens.
Jane Eyre is a love story with a happy ending, rare in its time for its sympathetic portrayal of the love of a married man for another woman. It is, as Thackeray-said, ‘The masterwork of a great genius’.
4 Robin Hood   Robin Hood is a legendary English hero -the outlaw of Sherwood Forest, who collected around him a band of followers, including Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet and Maid Marian. Included here are many of the tales that have made the story of Robin and his companions popular favorites through the centuries — tales of his skill as an archer, his generosity and his courtesy.  

mp3 recordings

# Name Author Level
1 Oliver Twist Charles Dickens  
2 The Hound of Baskerville A. Conan Doyle  
3 The mask of Zorro    
4 The Canterville Ghost Oscar Wilde